what do vegans eat

What do vegans eat anyway?

I’ve chosen to follow a vegan diet (usually pronounced vee-gun). After much research, I found this way of eating to be the most healthy and rewarding. According to vegan-info.com, a vegan is strict vegetarian who avoids meat, dairy, eggs, and as far as possible, all forms of cruelty to animals in their diet and lifestyle.So what can vegans eat? Contrary to the myth that vegans eat only plain, tasteless vegetables, the vegan diet can be quite creative and delectable. So if you have wondered what vegans eat, here are some sample dishes that many vegans (and some non-vegans) love.

Great food substitutes for vegans

For many of the dairy and meat products, there are substitutes that would fit the vegan diet. If you love milk, try soy or rice milk as an option. There are tofu- and soy-based cheeses that give you the feel and flavor of real cheese. Tofu can be crafted into many dishes that mimic the texture and taste of meat, offering various options for meals.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

There are many great breakfast ideas for vegans. Of course, your familiar items like oatmeal, hash browns, and grits are loved by many vegans, but there are several other choices. If you love French toast, there’s a substitute recipe that eliminates the eggs. DrMcDougall.com offers many low-fat, starch-based recipes that vegans can enjoy, including recipes for French toast, tofu scramble that resembles eggs, and biscuits made with soy milk. On About.com, there are even recipes for vegan omelettes.

Quick and easy lunch ideas

There are great lunch options for vegans, such as tasty sandwich spreads made from garbanzo beans, or mock tuna made from tofu. ChooseVeg.com offers tasty recipes for lentil burgers and buffalo tempeh. Although it helps to prepare your own meals, there are many choices for vegans who dine out. There are many salad, pasta and potato dishes available in most restaurants. Many restaurants also offer veggie burgers and some Chinese restaurants fix delicious bean curd dishes.

Make dinner something to look forward to

Many options for dinner are available for vegans. I’ve found some of the best appetizer and dinner recipes on DrMcDougall.com and FatFreeVegan.com sites. Some of my favorite dishes are the Mini Crustless Tofu Quiches, Easy Macaroni and Cheese, and Potato Chowder. There are even recipes available for lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, and barbecued spare ribs.

You don’t have to skip the desserts

Even vegans love desserts and there are many choices available. From cheesecake to brownies, the vegan recipes are endless. Delicious recipes for desserts are found on the sites already listed as well as on VeganCoach.com and AllRecipes.com.

So if you are considering a vegan diet, be encouraged that you can find more to eat than plain vegetables. With a little planning and research, you will find that vegans have many options for planning delicious and healthy meals.


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