Beginner’s Guide to Veganism


Veganism is a diet that does not allow the person to eat or use any product related to an animal. This includes dairy products such as milk and cheese, eggs, seafood, honey, leather, meat, wool, poultry and fur. The most common reasons for a person to become vegan is because of ethical reasons, moral conviction, the environment, health or religious reasons. The main reason for a lot of people to turn to veganism is the methods used in factory farming and animal testing.
Turning the veganism isn’t as hard as most people think. If a vegan diet is planned properly it can be very beneficial to a person’s overall health. However some poorly planned diets mean that a person can have low levels if calcium, iodine, vitamin b12 and vitamin d. It’s always advised that vegans take supplements to help with this.

As a starting point when starting veganism, Take your favourite meals and make them vegan. A good example of this could be Chilli, replace the meat with vegan mince, or even add different types of beans to make it a Bean Chilli. Try putting Soy milk on your coffees or on your cereals. Quorn has a variety of different vegan meat substitute products. Depending on if you agree with convenience food, you could purchase ready meals to help you get an idea of what kind of meals vegans can have. There are many versions of vegan burgers, seafood’s and chicken products. These can be useful if you are trying to transition your children, as they will most likely want to eat products they know.

If you live with people who aren’t vegan, ask for a space in the fridge where you can keep all your vegan foods. This will make it so much easier for you to find your foods without getting mixed up with non vegan equivalents. You can buy vegan cheese, soya milk, and dairy free butter. You can still enjoy all the things you ate before you were vegan; you just need to find some equivalent. Local health food stores have hundreds of products that are vegan. Find a good multi vitamin; ask your local pharmacist or doctor if they can recommend any good supplements for your new diet. Remember to drink lots of water. 64 ounces of water a day is recommended. This will help cleanse your body of all the toxins. And be very beneficial for your system.

Buy some vegan recipe books. There are hundreds on the internet. Try checking your local bookstore or Amazon. There are hundreds of recipes from all over the world that are vegan. Enjoy and explore your new lifestyle choice!

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