The ultimate Black Garlic FAQ

What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic in the simplest term is a type of garlic which has been aged making it black by the process of fermentation. Black Garlic first appeared in the Asian Continent more specifically in Korea, and it was used as a food ingredient in their Cuisines and also used as a Health Product. Before Black Garlic was developed, Garlic was still extensively used as a medicine in virtually every era of human civilisation. Garlic was used by the Ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and Indians, the Chinese, the Koreans and a host of other civilisations. Garlic was recognised because of its many health benefits and other medicinal values as such throughout history it has been associated with health and wellness. Black Garlic was developed by the Koreans primarily as a health product, and according to their Taoism mythology, it was rumoured to grant immortality and a host of other mystical powers. This made Black Garlic a very sought after commodity during the olden days.

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Where to buy Black Garlic?

As Black Garlic has gained immense popularity, demands have increased significantly. As a result, there are a lot of Black Garlic sellers both online and offline who claim to offer the best quality of Black Garlic. However, with the presence of a lot of sellers both online and offline, it can become quite confusing and challenging to select the sellers and the brands which give you the best quality.

The best places from where you can buy Black Garlic both from the stores and online sellers.

Stores: There are a lot of stores who sell Black Garlic and some of the best supermarkets where you can buy them are:

  1. Publix Supermarkets: Publix Supermarkets are regarded as the best supermarkets in the USA and for a good reason. They have 1188 branches and as such offer a very wide variety of food products which are organically sourced and are of very good quality. Publix offers a wide selection of high-quality Black Garlic which is sourced from some of the best suppliers.
  2. Wegmans Food Market: Wegmans also holds the list as one of America’s best supermarket offering a huge array of food products and drinks which are sold in 97 locations in America. They offer some of the best organic Black Garlic which is also available at very reasonable prices.
  3. Trader Joe’s: Trader Joe’s is another very popular grocery store with over 474 chains across America. They are known for providing amazing and high-quality food items from around the world. This includes Black Garlic as well. Trader Joe’s source their Black Garlic from some of the best suppliers around the world, making them a very compelling seller.

Online: Some of the best online shops from where you can buy Black Garlic are as follows:

  1. Fresh Direct: Fresh Direct is an online grocery store which sells and delivers fresh and high-quality organic food products to many areas across America. Fresh Direct brings the food items directly from local farmers as such they are 100% organic and also support the local economy. Fresh Direct offers a vast variety of high-quality Black Garlic which is sourced from the best farms in America, and they are sold at very affordable prices too.
  2. ShopFoodEx: ShopFoodEx is another popular online food store which features over 10000 grocery products. ShopFoodEx offers such a wide variety of grocery items that many hard to find products can be found here. As such many hard to find Black Garlic brands can be found here and bought online without any hassle.
  3. Amazon: Amazon is most probably the largest online marketplace in the world. It offers the largest variety of grocery products and items, and no online seller comes close. Amazon is present in almost all the countries of the world as such it boasts a huge network of online stores. Of all the online marketplaces available, Amazon is the best way to buy Black Garlic as they source them from multiple suppliers. These suppliers over a very wide variety of black garlic for you to choose from. Some of the best Black Garlic products which you can buy from Amazon are as follows:
  1. RioRand YUHONGYUAN 170g Organic WHOLE Black Garlic.
  2. Jayone 250g Organic Black Garlic Pearl Garlic, Made of 100% Fermented Single Clove Garlic.
  3. Whole Black Garlic – 1.5 pounds.
  4. Whole Black Garlic – 1 Pound (11-15 Bulbs).

The products mentioned above are some of the best Black Garlic products which can be bought on Amazon.

How much does Black Garlic cost?

The Price of Black Garlic varies from buyer to buyer whether you are buying from a store or an online seller and it also depends upon the quality, the quantity and the country of origin. However, on an average Black Garlic prices range from $2.40 per ounce to $5 per ounce. However, depending on the area you live in, and the brands or sellers you buy from the prices may vary accordingly. However, it is always recommended to perform a thorough comparison of the prices before settling upon buying from a specific brand or seller.

How can I store Black Garlic?

The Best way to store Black Garlic is by putting it in an airtight container and keeping it refrigerated. The shelf life of Black Garlic in airtight containers is Six months. However, if the Black Garlic is inside an unopened package, it can be stored at room temperature for several weeks. Another way in which Black Garlic can be stored is by freezing them and storing it in a freezer. Keep in mind that the shelf life of your Black Garlic can slightly differ depending upon various factors such as the climate, altitude and your location.


What are the health benefits of Black Garlic / Why should i use it?

Black Garlic carries with it a multitude of benefits as such it has taken the world by storm making it one of the most popular natural medicines in the world. However, with its medicinal values, Black Garlic also possesses taste and flavour which makes it a popular item in the food industry too.

The health benefits of Black Garlic is immense, and as such it has gained wide popularity amongst people who use and practice natural medicines and also among herbalists. Garlic in itself has multiple health benefits, and various civilisations have used it for a very long time. Black Garlic, on the other hand, adds more medicinal value to it making it much more potent.

Since Black Garlic is made by the process of fermentation which takes one month; this very process contributes to making garlic into super garlic. After the fermentation of Garlic, a compound called S-allyl cysteine or SAC which is naturally occurring in fresh garlic is found in much higher concentrations. Black Garlic thus contains a significantly higher quantity of S-allyl cysteine in it. S-allyl cysteine or SAC is a derivate of cysteine, an amino acid, which has multiple health benefits. Studies have shown that SAC lowers the cholesterol levels and thus effectively lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeps the cholesterol levels in check. SAC is also known to decrease the chances of getting cancer as well. Black Garlic like raw garlic possesses antibiotic, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties which boosts the immune system and decreases the chances of infections.

Fresh Garlic is known to contain a high amount of antioxidants, however, with Black Garlic the antioxidant count doubles in number. Antioxidants are responsible for protecting the cells and also are shown to slow down the process of ageing in humans. Besides these, the antioxidants present in Black Garlic protects the body from free radical damage, which makes it a good source of food to fight chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Cardiovascular diseases and a host of other chronic diseases. As such Black Garlic is a super-food which can make you lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

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How does Black Garlic taste?

Black Garlic is not only known for its awesome medicinal properties but it also super tasty. It has started making appearances in the kitchens of restaurants across the world and for a good reason. Black Garlic tastes sweet and earthy without it having the signature heat which is often associated with fresh garlic. The taste has been described as something unique and completely new, making it a favourite amongst chefs and foodies alike. Since Black Garlic possesses a very subtle taste to it, it makes it very easy for the chefs to work with it, allowing them to create different types of dishes using Black Garlic. Black Garlic has been used as an ingredient in Chicken sauce; it has also been served in the form of a puree or sauce to go with dishes prepared from fish. It can also be used as a sandwich spread by blending black garlic with mayonnaise.  For ice cream lovers, black garlic can be blended with the normal ingredients and then served with your favourite ice cream flavour. For people who are not in the mood to engage in some cooking, black garlic can also be enjoyed by peeling it directly from the bulb and consuming it without the fear of having garlic breath.

How is Black Garlic made?

Black Garlic is made by process of fermenting the bulbs of fresh garlic and allowing it to age gradually over a period of two weeks or more based upon your requirements. Though there is a lot of black garlic making machines available online, the easiest method is by making the use of a rice cooker. The First step in the process of making black garlic is choosing the right garlic. The bulbs of garlic to be used should be unblemished, fresh and without any bad spots to keep the quality high. You can start by placing the garlic inside the rice cooker or on the steamer tray if there is one. After this has been done, proceed by closing the lid of the rice cooker and keeping it the warm setting for a total of 14 days or more if necessary. After this is done, take out the garlic and allow them to sit at room temperature for another 14 days or so. Your Black Garlic is ready for consumption. The final process involves putting the garlic into airtight containers and storing them in the refrigerator for future use.

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Can Black Garlic be made at home?

Making Black Garlic is relatively simple and easy, and as such it does not require any expensive machines or costly ingredients to make. There are two easy methods in which Black Garlic can be made at home, and they are as follows:

  1. Rice cooker/slow cooker: The first method by which you can make Black Garlic at home is by using a Rice cooker or a slow cooker. When using a rice cooker to make Black Garlic, the first step is to selecting good quality fresh garlic and placing them inside the rice cooker, after which you should close the lid of the rice cooker and keep it in the warm setting for two weeks or more. After this, the next process is taking out the garlic and letting it sit for another two weeks and then storing it in a refrigerator and consuming them when needed.
    make black garlic with ricecooker
    The rice cooker is a quick and convenient tool to make black garlic at home.

    The slow cooker method is also similar requiring you to place the garlic in the slow cooker, setting the heat to low and allowing it to sit for a total of 30 to 40 days. After this has been done, take out the garlic and let it dry, after which store them in a refrigerator and use when necessary.

  2. Black Garlic Maker: Another way is by using a Black Garlic Maker. They are available online in most online shopping sites. One of the best Black Garlic Maker is sold in, and it is called the NEX HT-KF20 black Garlic Fermenter. With this Black Garlic Fermenter, you will be able to make high quality natural Black Garlic within 12 days. The process is very simple, and it only requires you to put the fresh garlic into the pot, pressing the on button and allowing it to ferment for a total of 12 days. After 12 days you will be left with naturally fermented black garlic.

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