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The 3 Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

If you live in the Atlanta area you know that good ole fashion southern cuisine rules the world. There’s either a Soul Food Café or BBQ joint on every corner, but if you’re trying to eat healthy and eliminate meat products without sacrificing flavor, then look no further. Listed below are 3 of The Best Atlanta Vegan Restaurants.

Green Sprout

Green Sprout is one of the best Buddhist style Chinese Vegan restaurants in Atlanta. Located in Atlanta’s Clear Creek Mall, this quaint and casual restaurant offers an array of vegetable protein meat substitutes along with green vegetables. A Green Sprouts these mock dishes such as Kung Pao Shrimp and Kung Pao Chicken are made from flour, potatoes and soybeans. The sauces are very tasty and the vegetables are lively and crispy. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, try the stir fried Yukon Gold potatoes stir fried with Shangai greens. You will not be disappointed.

Prices: Under $20.00. Location: 1529 Piedmont Avenue, Suite D, Atlanta, GA 30324. Phone: 404-874-7373. Hours: Sun-Tues: 11:30AM – 10:00PM, Wed: CLOSED. Thurs: 11:30AM – 10:00PM, Fri-Sat: 11:30AM – 10:30PM Dress Code: Casual. Parking: Self Parking


Veggieland is managed by a husband and wife team. Happy the wife (yes that’s her real name) lives up to it. She’s always pleasant and accommodating. Her husband does the food preparation. They do a good job at serving up delicious tasting vegan cuisine such as the Chi Chopped Salad, Veggie Burgers and delicious dairy free desserts.

Prices: Under $10.00. Location: 211 Pharr Rd, Atlanta, Georgia 30305. Hours: Mon-Fri: 11:30-3pm, 5pm-9pm. Sat: 11:30-8pm. Closed Sunday. Phone: 404-231-3111. Dress Code: Casual. Parking: Guests park in the public lot.

World Peace Café Atlanta

This place is a real winner!! Whether you’re a die heart carnivore or new to vegan cuisine, you will enjoy the ever so popular World Peace Café. The serine setting offers an educational dining experience where the majority of the staff are volunteers from the local Buddhist Center. Meditation and Holistic Reading materials are available if you’re interested in learning more about holistic living, eating and meditation and the food is superb. A favorite is the Tofu Steak ’n Fries with three herb-crusted grilled tofu steaks and potato wedges for $8.50. The menu is also kid friendly with a the truly southern PB J; sandwich with Georgia pecans that are milled into smooth butter, and then spread with homemade sorghum syrup jam onto our fresh bread. Served with a fresh fruit side.

P.S. Don’t leave the building without having one of their delicious organic desserts such as the Blissful Banana Pudding or Carrot Cake.

Prices: Under $15.00. Location: 220 Hammond Dr., Suite 302, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. Phone: 404-256-2100. Hours: Closed on Monday. Tues amp; Weds: 7am – 6:30pm; Thurs amp; Fri: 7am – 9pm; Sat amp; Sun: 10am – 3pm. Dress Code: Casual. Parking: Guest Park in public parking lot.


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