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Carnivore, Vegan, or Vegetarian: Which to Choose?

„You could never go without eating meat forever!“ „How in the world do you get protein as a vegan or vegetarian?“ „Humans are carnivores-we need meat!“ How many of these wonderful statements have you heard before that BASH the name of vegans or vegetarians? Yeah, right. For one, have you met a caveman lately? If you are a caveman and you „need meat“, that’s fine, but I’m a human. I am not in desperate need of food. Cave men ate meat because they could not get the protein from plants or fruits. We, as humans, have access to these things (thank you, Wal-mart and other grocery stores of America).
Over time, evolution has taken place. We have evolved to our own environment. Let me ask you something: what do you need in order to eat meat? Teeth! Yes, we have teeth! But our teeth are blunt and dull. Do you really think that if we went out and killed a cow without even cooking it or anything, that we could chew it? Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.

This evolves the question: vegan or vegetarian? Are both of them good for you? Do you need to take vitamins/minerals? Which one is better? No, you don’t need meat. Yes, if you don’t eat meat, you must take B12, an essential vitamin that can only be found in meat. Not a big deal. Studies have shown that cutting out animal product can significantly lower health problems. Think about it! What are you eating when you eat meat? Sad, hormonal animals. Do you really think cows like dying? Do you really think your body likes hormones and antibiotics put into it? Yeah, don’t think so. Common sense, people!

Now that we’ve got that business down, let’s talk about which to choose. Vegetarians, yes, are usually more healthy than the average person, especially if the eat organically. But when you cut out not only meat, but DAIRY products (like cheese) your health risks go down significantly and your butt will probably become a size smaller too! Dairy products are JUST AS BAD AS MEAT! Same cows, same hormones.

Go vegan! Listen, all you gotta do is take one stinking vitamin! Yeah, yeah yeah, food prices are expensive. But isn’t your health (and your butt) more important? Duh! Vegetarian=alright. Vegan=AMAZING! Carnivore=Yeah, not really a smart choice.

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