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The 3 Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

If you live in the Atlanta area you know that good ole fashion southern cuisine rules the world. There’s either a Soul Food Café or BBQ joint on every corner, but if you’re trying to eat healthy and eliminate meat products without sacrificing flavor, then look no further. Listed below are 3 of The Best Atlanta Vegan Restaurants.

vegetarian stuffing

Vegetarian Stuffing

It isn’t easy for vegetarians vegan or not, to find much to eat during the holidays that illicit the same deep, savory fulfillment that the meat eaters experience. Sure the side dishes of mashed potatoes, yams and green beans can fill the stomach, but lack that rich flavor that herbs and spices can bring to the plate. Bread rolls only fill the stomach and leave too much room to hit the pies. I have been making this stuffing for over 7 years and even the die-hard carnivores have a serving or two without complaints.

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5 Vegan Milk Alternatives

You have a number of vegan alternative to dairy and cow’s milk, including rice milk, soy milk, nut milk, grain milk and milk powders. Remember: not all non-dairy milk options are vegan. A number of them contain a dairy protein called casein, so make sure that you double check the label. All the brands listed below are vegan and some are even gluten-free as well.

vegan or not

Carnivore, Vegan, or Vegetarian: Which to Choose?

„You could never go without eating meat forever!“ „How in the world do you get protein as a vegan or vegetarian?“ „Humans are carnivores-we need meat!“ How many of these wonderful statements have you heard before that BASH the name of vegans or vegetarians? Yeah, right. For one, have you met a caveman lately?

raw food diet

Raw food diet

What do you think of when you hear the words „raw-foodist“? Do you even know what that term means or do some other choice words come to mind? A raw foodist is someone that only eats raw, or mainly raw, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. This is a very controversial way of living and has lately sparked my interest.