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5 Vegan Milk Alternatives

You have a number of vegan alternative to dairy and cow’s milk, including rice milk, soy milk, nut milk, grain milk and milk powders. Remember: not all non-dairy milk options are vegan. A number of them contain a dairy protein called casein, so make sure that you double check the label. All the brands listed below are vegan and some are even gluten-free as well.

Rice Milk

If you’re looking for rice milk, you’ve got a ton of flavors and varieties to choose from. The Celestial Hain Group, for example, makes Rice Dream, Westbrae Natural Rice Beverage, and WestSoy Rice Drink. Rice Dream alone comes in a multitude of flavors, including Original, Vanilla, Carob, Heartwise Original, Heartwise Vanilla, Enriched Original, Enriched Vanilla, and Enriched Chocolate. Westbrae Natural Rice Beverage and WestSoy Rice Drink both come in plain and vanilla.

Soy Milk

Soy milk choices are just as plentiful, if not more so, than rice milk options. Pacific Foods makes unsweetened Pacific Organic Soy, and Pacific Select Soy and Pacific Ultra Soy in both plain and vanilla. Nutrisoya makes Natur-a Soy Beverage, which comes in Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Unsweetened, Lite-Original, and Lite-Vanilla.

Nut Milk

Pacific Foods makes two popular nut milks, one from almonds and another from hazelnuts: Pacific Almond Nondairy Beverage in original and vanilla and Pacific Hazelnut Nondairy Beverage in plain. Another option is Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze that comes in original, vanilla, chocolate and unsweetened.

Grain Milk

Grain milks on the market are usually made from a multi-grain formula that may or may not include soy or oats. Two of the three most popular grain milk beverages are again made by Pacific Foods: Pacific Multi-Grain Nondairy Beverage in plain and Pacific Organic Oat Nondairy Beverages in original and vanilla. Another good choices is Soylutions‘ YU Soy Beverage in original, almond, or vanilla.

Milk Powder: Vegan Alternatiave

Vegan milk powders offer a surprising number of options as well, but mostly from smaller companies and with fewer options in terms of flavors. Pleasant Farms makes SoyDrink in plain, and Lumen Foods makes Heaven-On-Earth Milk Replacer in original and carob. Dixie Diners Club makes Dixies‘ Fat (Not!) Crème It! in plain and SoyMilk in plain, and BestLife International makes Organic Non-GMO Whole Soybean Powder in plain and Sammi’s Best Soy Milk Powder in Plain, Dutch Chocolate, and Soy Nog.

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